The Barkin' Ball - Santa Fe 2003 & 2004 FUNRaisers
for the Santa Fe Animal Shelter
We'd like to help your charity too!
Ali McGraw in cute spaniel suit and Dandy Don Merideth and Drew
Scott dressed as The Elvis Twins help us do "Walkin The Dog"
Elvis was the theme for the night in 2003, but not all
the dancers were on two legs.
Freddie Flance won the Elivs
LookAlike Contest, here being
congratulated by Ali McGraw as
Kristen Flance looks on.   
Freddie's star turn nearly
continued as he auditioned to
appear as an Elvis LookAlike in a
movie.  Unfortunately, he ended
up on the cutting room floor.
Freddie poses for
his studio shot.   
The King is In the
Bring it on home.....