Making Music With Our Friends
You used to play in a band!  Or you wanted to!  You know these tunes!  We encourage
everyone to bring a guitar, a sax, a violin, a harmonica, (no bagpipes, please) or just bring a
voice and get up and sit in with us-- show your friends!  We're not professional

musicians--we're a bunch of guys who can play Rock 'n Roll / Rhythm & Blues.  Hey--it's only
four chords!  
You can play this stuff!  Join in!  A highlight of any night!
Alice of :"The Moppets" joins Brooke in a
duet and on bass  at Clinton Country Club
The Santa Fe Wombat Horns--Gary King and Morris
Apodaca-- make their once-in-a-lifetime appearance
at the Radisson Hotel.
Brian Dunton, the 7th Wombat,  
is our manager and sound
engineer, and also  a first-class
bass player
A pro joins in:  Sharon DeBinder and John
take on the old MoTown classic  "Just
One Look"
Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School's  40th
Reunion - Dancin' Fools!  "You Can't Sit Down!"
Linda May's violin adds class to the B-CC Class Reunion,
while Love Meeker helps Gary and John with the vocals at
Congressional Country Club, Potomac, MD
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Hey this is fun!  Let's do another one!
Love, it was great, but don't quit your day
job...we don't either!
More Guest Artists this way....